Private vs Public Hosting Clouds

Private vs Public Hosting CloudsYou would have probably come across numerous debates and discussions about the merits and demerits of the private cloud hosting and the public cloud hosting. The important concept of a public cloud has always been that it provides IT tools and resources that are remotely provisioned and handled by a 3rd party. In a private cloud, the infrastructure protocols are typically governed by a single organization wherein workloads and information can be transferred both to and from external and internal data center facilities. Private cloud hosting delivers a firm single point of control for online privacy, manageability, protection, audit, conformity and governance.

No matter whether it’s a private cloud or a public cloud, let us first look into the popular positive aspects of cloud computing in the broad sense.

Major merits of cloud hosting would include aspects like:

  1.  You needn’t incur any capital expenditure. This is one of the fantastic advantages with private cloud hosting.
  2.  Private cloud hosting puts a stop to multi-vendor administration for bandwidth, operating system software package, hardware equipment, power, cooling, and the data center, as all these are pretty much covered in the service plan.
  3.  The cloud delivers “pay-as-you-grow” scalability. You pay only for what your application demands when it needs it, instead of investing in excess in infrastructure.
  4. Companies have quicker time-to-market. Service providers have resources available on demand, and this significantly reduces the lead-time for a client application program to “go live.”
  5.  The cloud enables work efficiency. There is no need to engage a 24x7x365 workforce to perform break/fix on your IT infrastructure.
  6.  Hardware equipment and hardware equipment life-cycle management just aren’t of concerns any longer.

All the same, the business case for engaging in a private or public cloud strategy depends on numerous variables, with the most important one being enterprise income and/or budget outlays.

So, the answer to which is better – private or public clouds – would depend on your company’s criteria for speed, safety, expandability and resources.

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